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Export Support

Do you want to take your sales abroad?
What Euro Sales Link does for you:

  • We represent manufacturers of technical items.
  • We operate in the B2B segment.
  • We operate in the Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.
  • We have an extremely large customer base in several countries.
  • Euro Sales Link acts as intermediary.

Business Development

How do I increase the chances of succeeding in selling abroad?
What Euro Sales Link does for you:

  • Market research, quick and effective.
  • We look for distributors for you.
  • Launching your products into the marketplace.
  • We conclude joint negotiations, at which point you take the reins.


How do I make appointments with the right person?
What Euro Sales Link does for you:

  • Analyse and enrich your customer base.
  • We build up a new customer base to match your customer profile.
  • We look for the right contact.
  • The contact is approached and informed on your behalf.
  • The appointment is made and set in your diary.


You want immediate sales contacts.

You want to be represented by people with international experience

Knowledge ot the market is made directly available to you.

Extensive files of international sales contacts.

Permanent Euro Sales Link contact assigned to you.